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National Consortium of Academic Nurse Educators, Inc.

The Meaning of the NC-ANE Logo

The combination of an open book, a mortarboard, and a scepter represents a holistic approach to nursing education. This approach stresses the importance of academic excellence, leadership, and the responsible use of knowledge.

The Open Book signifies the accumulation and sharing of information and stands for knowledge, learning, and education.

The Mortarboard symbolizes academic achievement obtained after completing a course of study and attaining knowledge.

The Scepter represents authority and leadership. When paired with the symbols of education, it represents the responsible and ethical application of that knowledge in positions of authority.

The logo's meaning lies in the combination of these symbols, portraying a fusion of learning, accomplishment, authority, and the cultivation of leaders within an educational context. 

Logo Design by Graphic Artist Katherine Rubiano Cusi, B.S.

Strengthening academic nurse educators to elevate their status relative to equitable workload, compensation, benefits, recognition of teaching, scholarship, and service.

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National Consortium of Academic Nurse Educators, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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