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National Consortium of Academic Nurse Educators, Inc.

Standing Committees of NC-ANE

A. By-Laws

B. Governance

C. Membership

D. Finance

E. Research

F. Ways and Means

Committee Chairs, Members, and Responsibilities

Each committee shall consist of a Chair, who is an elected member of the Board of Directors, and at least two (2) other members from NC-ANE.


A. By-Laws

1. Presents the proposed amendments to the By-Laws to the Board of Directors for review, approval, and ratification.

2. Establishes guidelines so that policies and procedures are implemented in a consistent manner.

B. Governance

1. Reviews the Policies and Procedures of all standing committees to ensure consistency with the By-Laws at least every two years at the start of the new term.

2. Assists in revising or developing Policies and Procedures for standing committees.

C. Membership

1. Reviews applications to ensure the eligibility of new members and supports the retention of existing members.

2. Determines membership criteria and fees, and maintains membership records.

D. Research

1. Applies for appropriate grants.

2. Reviews all requests and applications for research grants.

3. Ensures that approved research investigators shall follow policies and procedures established for the protection of human subjects, and shall meet the requirements of any outside funding agencies.

4. Monitors and evaluates the progress of any ongoing research projects.

5. Provides leadership and support for Grant and Research proposal development and submission.

6. Coordinates manuscript publications and presentations from research initiatives.

E. Ways and Means

1. Plans and implements regular fundraising activities to benefit the organization, as well as those that are strategic and specific in its purpose.

2. Assists with reviewing and making recommendations for the organizational budget through the Finance Committee.

3. Establishes relationships with potential donors to encourage support of NC-ANE’s mission, vision and goals.

F. Finance

1. With the Treasurer as Chair, and the Auditor as Vice-Chair, 3 additional members from NC-ANE will comprise the Finance Committee.

2. Prepares an annual budget for approval by the Board of Directors prior to the annual meeting.

3. Audits the financial records of the organization annually before tax preparation and filing.

Strengthening academic nurse educators to elevate their status relative to equitable workload, compensation, benefits, recognition of teaching, scholarship, and service.

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